About CL Bodywork

Though you’ll probably visit CL Bodywork because of sore muscles, creaky joints or a general sense of discomfort, Carissa King’s regimes are just as much about the brain as they are the body.

King traces this way of thinking back to her college days, where she learned about the interwoven relationship between mind and body. When one is out of sync, chances are the other one is, too.

“When you feel better physically, you do so mentally, and vice versa,” says King, owner of the Denver-based practice. ”Massage can have a dramatic impact on people’s overall well-being.”

After earning a BS in Psychology, gaining experience as a physical therapy technician and earning her Massage Therapy Licensure, King decided to open her own practice to further explore her own philosophies and treatment styles.

The healing philosophy at CL bodywork is simple: learn to care for yourself, and self-treat the pain from there. This double-dose of treatment and education helps patients care for their pain wherever they are. “It’s important for people to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing,“ says King. “I want people to know they don’t have to live with discomfort if they take steps to improve their daily habits.”

The first step to your overall wellbeing? A personal consultation at CL Bodywork to discuss your pain, your needs, and your goals. King works with patients to develop a customized regimen to help reach goals at a comfortable pace.

“Over the years, I have learned that everyone responds differently to pain and the healing process,” says King. “It takes communication between the patient and provider to best help with that journey.”

That communication starts when you sit down for your consultation. At her core, King’s goal is to help patients get treated, and to stay healthy – no matter what the situation. “I want to make sure people aren’t missing out on health care opportunities because of financial or availability restrictions,” said King. “I wanted to create an affordable, professional environment where anyone would feel comfortable to go.”

At CL Bodywork, your goals are our goals – let’s reach them together.